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Recently, Siren Miniatures sent over a few of their newly released minis for us to take a look at. Located in Warsaw, this small creative workshop in Poland makes some really great miniatures. The models they produce are highly unique, stylized, and of very high quality. Let’s take a look.

Wrought with personality and imagination, these 32mm scale models are cast in premium-quality resin and generally fall into one of five genres: dwarf, elf, human, frogger, or moon child. Each model comes in plastic blister with its appropriate flat plastic 30mm base. Additionally, each model is sold unpainted and requires assembly. I definitely need to find a few quiet weekend moments to paint these bad-boys.

Siren Miniatures offers free shipping if you spend 50€ (about $60). The minis arrive packaged pretty much how you would expect if you have ever purchased a mini in the last 20 years. The parts are loosely placed in a plastic container with some foam padding. Unnerving a first, but resin is a hardy material and generally speaking, minis are rarely damaged during shipping.

Siren Miniatures 1

Siren Miniatures 2

Once assembled, these minis look great! The level of detail and texture makes these minis primed for painting. These minis’ distinctive features drastically change the dynamics of any game table. Each unique character is donned in unusual armor and wielding stylized weaponry. For the price, they are a great buy—each mini will run you about $13 or so. Because all components of these minis are resin, prepping, gluing, and painting are easy. Check these guys out, it is worth a look.

Miniatures provided free for review by Siren Miniatures.



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