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Bone CoverJeff Smith’s Bone is the winner of 11 Harvey awards and 10 Eisner awards, including best cartoonist and best humor publication. It’s also been named the best comic book by the National Cartoonists Society. Fone Bone, the series main protagonist is a widely recognized character and Cryptozoic has perfectly captured his likeness in a 4” vinyl figure.


Fone Bone isn’t really meant for play. The figure is a collectible on a stand and is purely meant for display.


I always wonder how well a character like Fone Bone will translate to the 3D world. He’s not very realistic, and while he looks great in the Bone comics, that doesn’t mean he’d look great taken from the pages.

There’s really nothing to worry about.

Cryptozoic has done an excellent job taking the character and faithfully reproducing him as a physical, collectible figure. It’s almost like they just plucked him off the cover of Out from Boneville and put him on a stand. Everything about this 4” vinyl figure seems to be a product of care and love.

Fone Bone
Straight from the page


I love Bone. It’s a great series, and Fone Bone is an excellent character. That being said, I had no idea what to expect from this figure. I’m more than pleased with how well it’s made, and I love seeing it on display in my office. The price can’t be beat either. At $25 you’re getting a pretty good sized figure. While 4” may not seem too large, you’ll be quite surprised.

If you’re a Bone fan there’s no passing this figure up.

A Fone Bone 4” Vinyl figure was provided free for review by Cryptozoic.

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