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In anticipation of their new Dwarf Miniatures Collection, Atlantis Miniatures sent over a handful of miniatures to check out. I was more than impressed. To begin the models arrived in a professional, unique magnetic box. The models were neatly packed in bubble wrap inside.

Atlantis Minis 1

The miniatures are spectacular. For scale, I placed them on my Terrainify gaming mat with 4-inch hexes. The level of detail and quality of the molds is outstanding. All models are 28mm resin models that generally come pre-assembled. Although, some of the larger models—such as the wyvern shown here—require some gluing. Also, like most resin models, a razor is required to eliminate mold lines and imperfections. The resin was nice and soft, so removing any tags here or there was fairly simple.

Atlantis Minis 2

Atlantis offers a wide variety of miniatures from their various collections—goblins, orcs, trolls, and creatures to name a few. Each miniature comes with a plain black base. However, I replaced the base of one of the models with a base from Forge Prints Rocky Base collection and it fit perfectly.

Atlantis Minis 3

These miniatures are pricey, ranging from about $8 for smaller miniatures to upwards of $90 (or more) for sets of larger figures. For example, the war bear shown here costs $11.18 in their online shop and the Wyvern (21.5 cm tall!) costs $68.33. However, you get what you pay for. I can’t emphasize how impressed I was with this sample of miniatures. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new Dwarf Collection.

Miniatures were provided free for review by Atlantis Miniatures.


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