Post-PAX Unplugged Decompression

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I’m back from PAX Unplugged!

Well, technically I got back around midnight on Sunday, but I had to sleep a bit before going back to the day job, shopping for Thanksgiving, and finally getting a few quiet moments with the wife and kids.

The show was amazing, and I’m eternally thankful for both Thundergryph Games and Geek Fever Games for helping me get down to enjoy the show with everyone. I met a ton of awesome people from various aspects of the industry, caught up with a few familiar faces, and make a lot of new friends.

Oh yeah. I saw and played some cool games, too!

I will say that the first day of the convention was rough and there were some sour faces from several booths and a few grumbles on the shortcomings of some of the con’s planning. That quickly faded as Saturday came, and even Sunday was an amazing day for pretty much everyone.

There are some pictures from my trip up on Instagram but I’ll be posting a few more soon both there and on the Facebook page. I’ve also got a stack of new games to unbox and review, so keep an eye out for those.

I’ll have some more thoughts on my various sights going up on the Pawn’s Perspective Discussion Group soon.

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