Mysthea Preview

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Fresh off the heels of Barbarians: The Invasion, Tabula Games is at it again with their upcoming Kickstarter for Mysthea-a hand management and area control eurogame. Mysthea launches on Kickstarter on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, and promises to offer some vivid artwork from Travis Anderson and a handful of highly-detailed miniatures.

Mysthea Preview

In Mysthea, time-tested euro mechanics gets a modern twist and is infused with a stylized thematic core to immerse its players in the strange world of Icaion. Players will fight for the control of unexplored floating islands, filled with anomalies and strange monsters. As they gather their powers to make entire islands move, players will join forces to fight the dreadful monsters that inhabit them, building armies and strongholds on these new frontiers.

Mysthea Preview


In Mysthea each player controls a Champion with unique skills, tasked with exploring new lands. Your goal is to conquer five floating islands and return victorious to your homeland.

The game combines the ideas of hand-management and area control while strategizing on a Champion-controlled dynamic map. Each Champion is able, under certain circumstances, to move entire islands, changing the equilibrium of power across the whole game map.

Mysthea Preview

In Mysthea, the conflict between players is a strategic decision, but each player should be wary of powerful monsters that roam these lands. Monsters can attack abruptly, forcing players to cooperate in order to destroy them. During the game you’ll have to deal with quest-like make-your-choice encounters, opting for your chosen path based only on a few clues. The combination of these mechanics, wonderful miniatures and stunning artwork promises to make Mysthea a truly unique experience.

Mysthea Preview

Having been given an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the rulebook, one thing that makes this game unique is the interaction between card and miniature mechanics. This game is also contemplated to include a large number of highly-detailed miniatures (Champions and monsters), cards, tokens, and tiles, making this game exciting for any collector. The artwork looks phenomenal and I am eager to see Mysthea pass production and hit the tabletop. Pledges begin at 85€, which seems low considering the number of goodies contained in the box.

Mysthea Preview


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