Jungle Dragon Card for Arena of the Planeswalkers

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Update There are now 3 Jungle Dragon cards, each with a different ability. Test them out and comment on which one you like best!

In my recent review of Safari, Inc’s Jungle Dragon I mentioned how I would be putting said dragon into good use with my copy of Magic: Arena of the Planeswalkers. I’ve finally gotten around to creating a card from the dragon to use with the game and have started testing out how well the dragon works.

I’m sure this needs a bit more testing and tweaking, but I wanted to share the current card for the dragon so other owner’s of this great piece can add it to the game.

If I make any updates to the card I’ll be sure to update it here, so keep this post bookmarked if you’re going to use it!

Jungle Dragon - Arena of the Planeswalkers CardJungle Dragon - Arena of the Planeswalkers CardJungle Dragon - Arena of the Planeswalkers Card

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