Dead Man’s Doubloons on Tabletop Simulator

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Tonight I had a chance to play Geek Fever Games’ upcoming game, Dead Man’s Doubloons. The cool part? I got to play over Tabletop Simulator and Skype with the game’s designer, Jason Miceli.

For those who are unfamiliar, Tabletop Simulator lets you play tabletop games over the internet. It’s all manual, with very little bookkeeping built in. Jason spent a good chunk of time getting his new game implemented in the system, and it’s now available through the Steam Workshop. How is it? Excellent. Everything looks and feels great, and gameplay is smooth (once you’ve gotten a handle on Tabletop Simulator’s controls.)

I’m not going to get much unto the game, itself. I’ll be writing my impressions up soon on Purple Pawn around the time it launches on Kickstarter. My gut reaction? It’s a really good time.

For those who are interested in giving the game a shot now, download the rulebook and add in the Tabletop Simulator module from here. You’ll need a copy of Tabletop Simulator, but that’s $20 well spent. You can probably even find Steam codes for it for less.

Here’s some screenshots Jason took from the game:

Dead Man's Doubloons 1
Dead Man's Doubloons 2
Dead Man's Doubloons 3
Dead Man's Doubloons 4

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