Curled Paw Creatives Tokens

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Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, Curled Paw Creatives makes a number of high-quality acrylic tokens for Star Wars: Destiny and Star Wars: X-Wing. Andrew Nuckols and Hollie Baker oversee this graphic design studio specializing in creating custom canvas wraps and original design. All tokens are professionally laser cut in house and all of the artwork is original. Shown here are a few examples of their work.

Curled Paw Creatives Tokens

The Acrylic Shield Tokens set for Star Wars: X-Wing comes in sets of 5 or 10 ($3.50 or $7.00). The tokens are printed on light-blue transparent acrylic.

Curled Paw Creatives Tokens

The Acrylic Large Shield Token set is printed on the same light-blue transparent acrylic and comes in sets of 5 or 10 ($4.00 or $8.00). Alternatively, Curled Paw Creatives offers a Split Shield Set. This set comes with 3 sets of transparent Light-blue tokens (9 tokens total). Each section of the shield can be removed to represent falling or gaining of shields to add some thematic play to your game. Just be careful no to misplace these small pieces.

Curled Paw Creatives Tokens

The Star Wars: Destiny Acrylic Resource Token Set comes in sets of 6 or 12 ($4.00 or $8.00) and is printed on either transparent dark red or yellow acrylic. These tokens can also be used in Star Wars: Imperial Assault as a substitute for your crate tokens. The tokens are highly detailed and beautiful. Curled Paw Creatives ships all of their acrylic items with the protective backing on to keep the tokens protected during shipment. You can see an example of this in the image showing the yellow and red resource token sets. This gives you the option to customize your product in any color you desire. Just peel the backing off with your fingernail or toothpick (don’t worry, it won’t scratch the acrylic).

Curled Paw Creatives Tokens

The Acrylic Damage Counter Set includes:

  • Five 1 Damage Counters (Transparent Yellow or Orange)
  • Three 3 Damage Counters (Transparent Orange)
  • Two 5 Damage Counters (Transparent Red)

These tokens are great for Star Wars: Destiny or any other game that counts hit points or damage.

Curled Paw Creatives Tokens

They also make an Acrylic Token Set for Star Wars: The Card Game. This set includes:

  • Ten 10 Damage counters (orange)
  • Three 30 Damage counters (orange)
  • Three 50 Damage (dark red)
  • Two 100 Damage (dark red)
  • One Bandage marker (dark red)
  • One Poison marker (dark green)

These token sets represent high-quality printing on laser-cut thick acrylic. They are a great replacement to the cardboard base token sets that come with your game. Compared to many printed acrylic token sets, they are very low-cost. Check out Curled Paw Creatives.


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