Connecticon 2017 – Yanaguana Games

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This year was the first year Connecticon actually had booths available for tabletop publishers. In previous years companies could demo in the open gaming area, but never really had a reserved space or real “official” presence. One of those companies who had a booth this year was Yanaguana Games, a Rhode Island-based game company and publisher of Stir-Fry Eighteen and Shipload o’Gold.

Re-ChordYanaguana’s Marshall Britt was demoing his new game, Re-Chord, a guitar themed area control game hitting Kickstarter at the end of the summer. I actually had a chance to play the game for the first time this year at CT-FIG, but it has further been refined as Marshall gets it ready for the Kickstarter campaign. Play revolves around placing guitar picks of different colors on a fretboard, trying to form chords and get the most of your color on each fret. Each color pick has a different ability that lets you manipulate other picks on the board. Players can score even more points by playing the same chord as a previously played one for a Re-Chord score.

It’s a fantastic and original game that feels fresh and is tons of fun. I’ll have a full preview of the game ready for when it hits Kickstarer.

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