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Trellis Review

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Full Trellis Review It’s hard to pass by Trellis without at least stopping to take a look. The black box filled with tangles of colorful vines is visually striking and immediately grabs your attention. Inside the box is a game of equal beauty, and clever simplicity. Trellis is a game of growing vines and blooming flowers. A tile laying game …

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A Pawn’s Picks 2018

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Here we go! There were a lot of great games I had a chance to review in 2018. 55 of them, in fact. It wasn’t an easy year to make my picks, but in the end, I managed to narrow it down to 15 games. 7 Silver, 7 Gold, and 1 Platinum. To be eligible for a 2018 award a game …

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Dungeon Mayhem Review

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Full Dungeon Mayhem Review It’s a 2-4 player battle royal in Wizard’s latest Dungeons & Dragons-themed card game, Dungeon Mayhem. Aimed at a younger crowd, this light-hearted title combines ultra-simple rules with wacky artwork to create a game the entire family can enjoy together in 5-10 minutes. In Dungeon Mayhem each player takes a character deck. There’s the Sun Elf …

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Tower of Madness Review

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Full Tower of Madness Review Smirk & Dagger has taken a nostalgic game, wrapped it up with some extra mechanics and a Lovecraftian theme, and released it as Tower of Madness. It’s a push-your-luck dice game with a central 3D tower filled with tentacles and marbles like a horrific version of Kerplunk. Players try to investigate locations by rolling dice and …

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ROOT Review

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Full ROOT Preview The Woodland has become a battlefield. The vile Marquise de Cat has taken over the once peaceful wood trying to spread her industry and exploit it for her own gain. The Eyrie, once proud rulers of the Woodland, have found a new commander to help them reclaim their birthright while the Woodland Alliance tries to spread sympathy for their …

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Rock Paper Monsters Review

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Rock Paper Scissors meets monsters in Rock Paper Monsters, a family game about positioning and clever card play designed by Timothy Balogh. The goal of the game is to earn 10 Monster Bites over the course of several rounds. A Monster Bite (and possibly 2 or more) is earned by having the highest score at the end of the round. This is …

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My Little Scythe Review

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When one of the hottest board games gets a more child-friendly fan remake using a popular kids’ show for a theme, something wonderful has the possibility of being born. Enter My Little Scythe. Originally a print-and-play My Little Pony themed “demake” of Scythe by father-daughter team Hoby and Vienna Chou, the game was officially picked up by Scythe publisher, Stonemaier games. …

#youarewelcomeatmytable Second Donation!

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The second payment from Threadless finally cleared in the amount of $15 so I have made the next donation to Take This! For transparency, below are some screenshots confirming the Threadless payment and the donation of funds. Rob KalajianMedia personality Rob Kalajian has been a staple in the board game world for many years. As a former writer for Purple …