British vs Pirates: Volume 1 Review

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The components of British vs Pirates are quite impressive. With more than a dozen ships, and 80+ cards, there is a lot of design and artwork to be seen here. There are 6 different styles of ships, ranging from the small swift Sloops to the large floating fortress Line Ships. Each ship has intricate detail showing off the sails, cannon …

Mechanica Preview - Header

Mechanica Preview

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Tidybots are the way of the future! They help us with all our cleanliness needs, are super cute, and thirst for revolution! Mechanica is an upcoming game from Resonym where players compete for wealth by creating the most efficient, outlandish factories for building, upgrading, and shipping Tidybots. This is done by purchasing more fabricators, factory line enhancements, and larger shipping …

A.E.G.I.S. Review

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Full A.E.G.I.S. Review I’ve been playing Zephyr Workshop’s A.E.G.I.S. in one form or another for a few years now, having gotten the first paper-based prototype of the game at my first PAX East somewhere around 2014-2015. A couple of years later I got a chance to play the Greenbrier Games prototype, a much more polished game with updated artwork. Now, …


Gridopolis: Matrix Review

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Full Gridopolis: Matrix Review Is it a building set? Is it a game? Gridopolis is a little bit of both, yet not much of either. Gridopolis, itself, is the game system. All the bits and bobs that come in the box. Inside is Matrix, the first game to use the Gridopolis system. At its core, Matrix is basically checkers, but on a …

Greedy Kingdoms Review

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Tim: Kayleigh and I love playing games together. When we had the opportunity to review a new two-player game, we were excited – and even moreso once we saw this new game was a reworking of a 2009 game that I’d had my eye on for a while. I knew that Greedy Kingdoms was a head-to-head card game with a …

Between Two Castles Of Mad King Ludwig Review - Header

Between Two Castles Of Mad King Ludwig Review

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Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is published by Stonemaier Games as part of a collaboration with Bezier Games that combines Bezier’s Castles of Mad King Ludwig with Stonemaier’s Between Two Cities. It’s a game where every player sits around the table, drafting tiles, and attempting to build the best castle they can with both the person to the left …

Transformers TCG Review - Header

Transformers TCG Review

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Full Transformers TCG Review Autobots, transform and roll out! Decepticons, transform and rise up! Choose your bots, build your deck, and battle until your opponent is defeated. One shall stand. One shall fall. Hasbro’s Transformers TCG brings oversized, double-sided Transformers cards to the table and lets players mix and match their favorites in a family-friendly trading card game both parents …

Robotech: Ace Pilot Review: Header

Robotech: Ace Pilot Review

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Full Robotech: Ace Pilot Review The Zentraedi are attacking and it’s up to you to grab the best pilots to fend them off! Roll your dice, choose your pilots, and attack different cells of enemy units while trying to snag useful upgrades. The pilot with the most valuable kills, once an entire cell has been defeated, will be declared the Ace …

The Potion Review

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Full The Potion Review Take a chance and toss your ingredients into The Potion, a game in a bottle from Foxmind. Players all have rare mushrooms, secret liquid vials, and poisonous beetles that they’re trying to get rid of and gain dominance over a potion that’s being created. It’s a bluffing game where players need to outwit their opponents to successfully …