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Doctor Who Fluxx Micro Review

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Designers: Andrew Looney Publisher: Looney Labs Year: 2017 MSRP: $20 Players: 2-6 Play Time: 5-30 minutes Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Doctor Who Fluxx Doctor Who is one of the latest themed Fluxx games from Looney Labs featuring, you guessed it, Doctor Who. The card set draws from both old Who (Doctors 1-8) and new Who (Doctors 9-12.) No 13th Doctor in this set, though there is …

Crazier Eights Avalon Card Game Review

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Last month, Crazier Eights: Avalon released. Designed by James Gray, Avalon is a stand-alone expansion to the original base game Crazier Eights (in case you missed it, check out our review of Crazier Eights: Camelot). Avalon is designed to provide enough cards for a two-player game or to allow additional players when shuffled into the original base deck. To play …

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Go Nuts for Donuts Review

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Designers: Zachary Eagle Publisher: Gamewright Year: 2017 MSRP: $14.99 Players: 2-6 Play Time:  20 min Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Go Nuts for Donuts Prelude Everyone loves donuts. In fact, people tend to go nuts for ’em! Go Nuts for Donuts is a fast-paced family card game featuring personified donuts. Players try to snag the most donuts, collecting sets and …

Ten Candles Review - Header

Ten Candles Review

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Designers: Stephen Dewey Publisher: Cavalry Games Year: 2015 MSRP: $28 (Softcover), $10 (PDF) Players: 2+ Play Time:  2-3 Hours Ages: 16+ Genre: Horror RPGG: Ten Candles Prelude “Ten days ago, the sky betrayed you. The world went dark. The sun vanished. Five days ago, They came. And now They’re coming for you. Keep moving. Don’t lose hope. And stay in the light.” Ten Candles is …

Ghosts Love Candy Review - Header

Ghosts Love Candy Review

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Designers: Danny Devine Publisher: Steve Jackson Games Year: 2016 MSRP: $19.95 Players: 3-6 Play Time:  20-45 min Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Ghosts Love Candy Prelude It’s a known fact that ghosts love candy almost as much as dragons love tacos. What better night for ghosts to get candy than Halloween? All the kids dressed up in their cute costumes going …

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Outpost Siberia Review

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Designers: Daryl Andrews, Jonathan Gilmour Publisher: IDW Games Year: 2017 MSRP: $19.99 Players: 2-5 Play Time:  30-45 min Ages: 12+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Outpost Siberia Prelude The Storm of the Century is blowing through Siberia. This wouldn’t be a problem, except for you’re in Outpost 1, the first science station in the frozen wasteland. Now your team is stuck there …

Mega Man Pixel Tactics Review

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Designers: D. Brad Talton, Jr. Publisher: Jasco Games, Level 99 Games Year: 2017 MSRP: $20 Players: 2 Play Time:  20-45 min Ages: 10+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Mega Man Pixel Tactics: Mega Man Blue Prelude Pixel Tactics, first introduced in the Level 99 Games Minigame Library, and its many expansions have been around since 2012 and are well loved by many in …

Nanofictionary Review

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Designers: Andrew Looney Publisher: Looney Labs Year: 2017 MSRP: $16 Players: 3-6 Play Time:  30-45 min Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Nanofictionary Prelude Originally published by Looney Labs in 2002, Nanofictionary received an update and fresh coat of paint this year. A storytelling game, Nanofictionary has players building a hand of Character, Setting, Problem, and Resolution cards in order to …

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Sparkle Kitty Review

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Designers: Manny Vega Publisher: Breaking Games Year: 2017 MSRP: $20 Players: 3-8 Play Time:  15+ min Ages: 6+ Rules Available Online: No BGG: Sparkle*Kitty Prelude Once upon a time, there was a group of powerful princess locked into cursed “No Cursing” towers by the evil queen Sparkle*Kitty. All their powerful spell words were transformed into sweetness. Sugar, spice, everything nice. The …

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Trigger Devils Review

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Invented by T Antonio at home while trying to create a trigger stop without having to drill into his controller or buy an expensive custom controller, Trigger Devils are a snap on/adhesive solution for stock PS4 and Xbox One controllers. What’s a trigger stop? Trigger stops are a controller trigger modification that prevents the trigger from traveling the whole way …