Butts in Space (Enough Said)

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Yes, you read that right. The Dusty Tophat has launched a Kickstarter campaign about butts in space trying to get all the toilet paper in the universe back from Evil Butt. Gather the most TP before the Toilet Ship is repaired to be declared the best butt ever. The trick is that you can only play TP cards that match the same symbol as your butt: Bow Butt, Hairy Butt, Classy Butt, or Butt Butt. Beware the Power Fart that can rotate the butts and change who you’re playing as, as well as what cards will score for you! Protect yourself from other players’ tricks, like the distracting Boob Butt, with your lucky Underwear.

This game is all about butts and toilet paper and toilets…in space!

You can’t go wrong with that, can you?

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