Nor’easter Series on Hiatus

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The Nor’easter series of interviews is going on hiatus for a while as I’ve been increasingly busy shooting video, recording the A Pawn’s Palaver podcast, and streaming my new weekly show, Token Talk, on the Kickstarter Board Games Facebook group. I need to start cutting some things here and there to keep up with new projects until I can get …

The Deck of Many Reviews

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Website: The Deck of Many Store: Deck of Many Shop Kickstarter: The Deck of Many Animated Spells Kickstarter Perspective The Deck of Many is a set of D&D 5e reference cards made for Dungeon Masters to reduce the number of books needed to run your own adventure. Each deck contains a number of tarot-sized cards that include really great, fun art on …

Button Men Review - Header

Button Men: Beat People Up Review

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Designers: James Ernest Publisher: Cheapass Games Year: 2017 MSRP: $35 Players: 2 Play Time: 10 Min Ages: 12+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Button Men: Beat People Up Prelude Button Men: Beat People Up is a new version of James Ernest’s Button Men using colorful character cards instead of physical stickpin buttons. The gameplay remains the same and the new edition is even compatible with the older …

Shogunate Review Header

Shogunate Review

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Designers: Adrienne Ezell Publisher: Indie Board & Cards Year: 2018 MSRP: $20.00 Players: 3-6 Play Time: 20-25 Min Ages: 14+ Rules Available Online: No BGG: Shogunate Prelude Six clans vie for their leaders to be first in the line of succession to the Shogun. Each player, loyal to two clans, plots and plans to manipulate the line a way that will earn their …