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Tower of Madness Review

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Full Tower of Madness Review Smirk & Dagger has taken a nostalgic game, wrapped it up with some extra mechanics and a Lovecraftian theme, and released it as Tower of Madness. It’s a push-your-luck dice game with a central 3D tower filled with tentacles and marbles like a horrific version of Kerplunk. Players try to investigate locations by rolling dice and …

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ROOT Review

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Full ROOT Preview The Woodland has become a battlefield. The vile Marquise de Cat has taken over the once peaceful wood trying to spread her industry and exploit it for her own gain. The Eyrie, once proud rulers of the Woodland, have found a new commander to help them reclaim their birthright while the Woodland Alliance tries to spread sympathy for their …

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Rock Paper Monsters Review

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Rock Paper Scissors meets monsters in Rock Paper Monsters, a family game about positioning and clever card play designed by Timothy Balogh. The goal of the game is to earn 10 Monster Bites over the course of several rounds. A Monster Bite (and possibly 2 or more) is earned by having the highest score at the end of the round. This is …

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My Little Scythe Review

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When one of the hottest board games gets a more child-friendly fan remake using a popular kids’ show for a theme, something wonderful has the possibility of being born. Enter My Little Scythe. Originally a print-and-play My Little Pony themed “demake” of Scythe by father-daughter team Hoby and Vienna Chou, the game was officially picked up by Scythe publisher, Stonemaier games. …

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Bumuntu Review

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I first got a chance to play Bumuntu back in 2016 at the 2nd annual Connecticut Festival of Indie games and was immediately smitten with the game. Back then there was a bit more to it, but the game has been wonderfully polished and streamlined since being picked up and published by WizKids. Bumuntu is a game of set collection, …

Starfinder Adventure Path #11: The Penumbra Protocol

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Yesterday, Paizo’s Jason Keeley revealed the following about Starfinder Adventure Path #11: The Penumbra Protocol: “The world of Verces is a tidally locked planet, one hemisphere always facing the sun as it makes its orbit. As such, half of the planet is baked by constant heat, while the other half is a frozen wasteland. However, a strip of habitable terrain …

R&R Goes Awry In The New Starfinder Signal of Screams Adventure Path

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Explore science fantasy horror in “The Diaspora Strain.” Today, Paizo Inc. released The Diaspora Strain, the first volume in the Signal of Screams Adventure Path for the award-winning Starfinder Roleplaying Game. The 64-page volume, whose adventure was written by Chris S. Sims, is the first of three volumes in a horror-themed campaign to overcome a creeping madness. It is available for purchase at and …