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Recently, I had the opportunity to receive a Verraro Deluxe Dungeon Set for review. This tile set is perfect for crafting your own maps for role-playing tabletop games. The Deluxe Set ($131.97) comes with a large assortment of tiles:

1 - 3x3 Passage Cross Intersection 2 - 3x3 Passage Tee Intersection 2 - 3x3 Passage Corner 2 - 3x3 Passage Dead End 2 - 3x2 Alcove 4 - 3x3 Passage Way 2 - 3x6 Passage Way 1 - 3x3 Dungeon Left Entrance 1 - 3x3 Dungeon Center Entrance 1 - 3x3 Dungeon Right Entrance 4 - 3x3 Dungeon Wall 4 - 3x3 Dungeon Corner 4 - 3x6 Dungeon Wall 1 - 6x6 Dungeon Floor 2 - 3x6 Dungeon Floor 2 3x3 Dungeon Floor 2 - Simple Wooden Door 1 - Ornate Wooden Door 1 - Strong Wooden Door

Verraro Dungeon Tiles Verraro Dungeon Tiles Verraro Dungeon Tiles Verraro Dungeon Tiles Verraro Dungeon Tiles

These tiles are handmade, laser-cut, wooden tiles. They are perfect for 25mm to 32mm scale models and games. Each tile is cut from thick material and makes an excellent platform for your miniatures. Notably, each tile’s grid aligns perfectly with adjacent tiles, enabling maximum use of the set. I routinely take notice of stylistics and this tile set certainly has a unique artistic flair. The wall pieces are finished with a stonework design and the three unique door pieces undoubtedly add an impressive level of detail to the set.

The largest downside of this set is its high price. However, this is fairly common with dungeon tile sets, especially resin or 3D-printed sets. In fact, many other sets on the market can be shockingly pricy in comparison. Additionally, if you are looking for a 3D walled dungeon tile set, than this primarily 2D set is likely not for you. Despite the cost, this is a great, quality dungeon tile set that is compatible with many role-playing and dungeon crawler tabletop games. As usual, in the gaming industry, you get what you pay for. This is no exception and I would recommend this set without hesitation.

Dungeon tiles provided free for review.

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Written on June 8, 2017 in review
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