Total War – WARHAMMER Stream

Rob Kalajian streaming 0 Comments

Today I was lucky enough to receive and early access copy of Total War: WARHAMMER for review/streaming. I did a quick stream of the game’s Campaign Mode using the Empire and running through the tutorial.

I’ve exported the video to YouTube. It runs about 19 minutes long, and you can watch me play while having no idea what the hell I’m doing. The tutorial wasn’t much help, but I think I just need to play the game a bit more. Once I do, I’ll be sure to get a review up.

Now for the fun part. Want a copy of the game with the DLC before it comes out? Comment on this post and I’ll pick a winner by 5pm EST tomorrow!

A winner has been chosen! Bryan Roos! Get me your email address and I’ll shoot you the Steam keys. Congrats! Thanks everyone who participated.

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