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My next pick for the month of August is Mint Works, by Five24 Labs. It’s a pocket-sized, light worker placement game for 2-4 players, and fits in a mint tin. Mint Works supposedly plays in 20 minutes, yet provides a level of depth beyond it’s size and easy of play.

Download the rules

A brief overview of the game from the Kickstarter page:

• During the game each player will have a limited number of Mint Tokens, which represent their workers.
• Players will use these mint tokens to earn more tokens, take first player or buy and build plans.
• Plans are how players earn points. Some plans will only give points, others will give extra powers to the owner.
• Once a player has at least 7 points, play continues until the end of the the round, at which point the game ends.
• Whoever has the most points provided by plans they have built wins!

The game looks pretty sweet, with a minimal design and pleasing color-palette. A $10 pledge gets you the game, which is also a bonus. Since the game is funded already you’re guaranteed that copy, too, as well as all the stretch goals that have already been unlocked.

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