Mezco Mini Me-zitz Batman & Batmobile Preorder

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Mini Mezitz Batmobile

Mezco has just announced the presale of their Mini Mez-Itz 1989 Batmobile and Batman figure, based on the groundbreaking 1989 Tim Burton Batman film. The Batmobile is sized to perfectly fit the little 2” Michael Keaton Mini Me-zitz Batman. The cool part? It’s only $36.

Not only do you get both Batman and the Batmobile but Batman also comes complete with his grappling gun and Batarang, which mini-Keaton can actually hold.

The Mini Mez-Itz 1989 Batmobile and Batman figure will come packaged sturdy die-cut window box for those who wish to display, not play.

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Written on April 5, 2017 in toys
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