Kickstarter - Metal Dawn

Posted by Rob Kalajian in kickstarter

Metal Dawn, a game about fighting robots in Washington D.C., just funded today with 8 days left in its campaign. Everything Epic, publishers of Big Trouble in Little China, set out to create a game with simple mechanics that evoked the feel of Terminator, 24, and Reagan’s “Star Wars” initiative. The game features wonderful, 80’s era, sci-fi art with some designs that may feel a bit familiar (I’m looking at you, agent-that-looks-like-GI-Joe-Baroness.)

A $60 pledge will get you a copy of the game. A $79 pledge will get you the Kickstarter Deluxe version that includes the base game plus more weapons, missions, gear, agents, and zones. It also includes an optional new game mode with an area control mechanic.

As with any Kickstarter, there’s a slew of stretch goals to be unlocked. For more information head on over to the campaign page.

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