Unboxing Meduris: Call of the Gods

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When I think of HABA I think of yellow-boxed, family friendly games. Games that are easy to learn, play in minutes, and that tend to cater to a younger audience. Meduris turned that idea on its head. Here’s a more traditional Euro-style game for an older audience that takes over an hour to play.

I’m excited!

Meduris contains a bunch of wooden goodies, some 3D cardboard pieces, and an absolutely beautiful board.

Meduris Box Meduris Box Back Meduris Rules Meduris Board Meduris Board Meduris Counter Sheet Meduris Counter Player Aide Meduris Counter Tokens Meduris Counter Tokens Meduris Counter Tokens Meduris Counter Tokens

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Written on March 14, 2017 in unboxing
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