Lycans vs Vampires Fantasy Backgammon

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I hate to admit it, but I only learned how to actually play Backgammon a handful of years ago. Before then I just saw the came as something that came along for the ride with every chessboard I’ve ever owned. Once I finally learned how to play I realized how much of an awesome classic it really is.

Color me surprised today when I see an email come through from Brain Conceptual Entertainment about their new Kickstarter launching soon, Lycans vs Vampires Fantasy Backgammon. Lycans vs Vampires is luxury Backgammon set that’s just oozing with theme. Here are the stats on the thing:

  • A wooden backgammon board, covered with printed artwork
  • and varnished by hand, on each surface (Inside and outside).
  • Board Size: 48 x 25.5 x 6cm (Closed) / 48 x 51 x 3cm (Open)
  • The Hinges and clasps are metal made for strength and longevity with black finishing for a similar aesthetic result.
  • Standard metal checkers set: 36mm x 3.5mm
  • The 30 perfectly weighted checkers are specially designed, different color enameled and finished off by hand.
  • Each set includes: 15 black Lycans & 15 purple Vampires
  • 2 Acrylic dices: 16mm.
  • Doubling Cube: 16mm
  • Bag for storing checkers and dice.
  • Bag to carry the backgammon board set.
  • Weighs 3,500 grams (almost 8 pounds!)

The set should be hitting Kickstarter this month. No word on pricing yet.

The mockups for this beast look incredible. It’s a set I’d really love to own.

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