Looney Labs Holiday Gift - Sandships

Posted by Rob Kalajian in games

SandshipsA wonderful surprise showed up in the mail today courtesy of Looney Labs. Packed into a neat envelope was Sandships, a Pyramid Arcade game that is played with stacks of 3 pyramids in 5 different colors. I haven’t opened it yet (I’m waiting until tomorrow to get some better pictures of it) so I haven’t read the rules.

The only issue? I think I may only have 4 different colored sets of pyramids that came with my Zendo set! This means I need to get another color…or now have an excuse to pickup the full Pyramid Arcade set. That, or possibly 3D print a quick set for now so I can get this to the table.

I’ll make sure to take some pics soon, and get a full review up once I have a chance to play.

Rob Kalajian

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Written on December 20, 2016 in games
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