Huge Spellweaver Update

Rob Kalajian digital 0 Comments

Dream Reactor released a big update to Spellweaver yesterday including foil cards, new AI opponents, and a reworked tournament system.

Foil cards aren’t a new thing for digital CCGs, but they’re new to Spellweaver. This is a retroactive update, so all cards a player has obtained that should be foil, will be. Players are also give five extra foil cards.

All six of the new PvE AI opponents are Rare and will drop good rewards. There’s also four new Hard AI opponents that will test even the best players who’ve built strong decks.

As for tournaments, there’s now more tournament types. Prize pools have also been increased and there’s now two new bonus prizes: Completion Bonus and Top Bonus.

While the update is large it’s nothing earth shattering. It just makes an already strong game even stronger, and hopefully will help its longevity in the end.

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