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Dragon Dice has become something of a new obsession of mine. I recieved a Starter Set to review over at Purple Pawn and I’ve become quite smitten with the game. It has a long history, and is still kicking, but I figured I’d do my best to spread the word about it. Hopefully I can even get some demo time in at a few game stores around here in hopes that they’ll carry dice.

Excellent, and inexpensive storage for my growing Dragon/Daemon Dice obsession.

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Of course I’m just starting out, but I’ve found a bunch of great reference material online. The SFR Forums are an excellent place to start, as well as the Dragon Dice page on BGG. There’s an excellent set of materials on the latter which are a huge help in getting started, as the main rulebook is pretty large with over 20 years of expansions and dice explinations packed it.

The best part? It’s fairly inexpensive to get into. Starters are $33, with Kickers, think booster packs, are around $10 each for 8 additional dice. You can also find tons of stuff on eBay, but the prices aren’t always the best unless you get lucky. You can also pick and choose your dice by heading straight to Chunk Pint’s Dragon Dice page where he keeps of list of all the dice he as for sale, and what dice he currenlty needs and is willing to trade for. You can flesh out an army pretty inexpensivly there if you stick to more common dice.

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