Barbarians: The Invasion Kickstarter Coming Soon

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Tabula Games has announced their latest upcoming Kickstarter project—Barbarians: The Invasion. Barbarians is the brainchild of Pierluca Zizzi, author of Hyperborea, Signorie, Asgard, and Simurgh. Set in the mysterious world of Fenian, Barbarians is a Eurogame similar in origination as its predecessors—players jockey for control of a strategic map by conquering territories and gaining resources.

However, Barbarians is not the same old tired Eurogame that we have seen crowding shelves lately. Barbarians promises to feature the stunning artwork of Ivan Cavini, detailed miniatures, and a unique turning wheel mechanic for worker placement. The turning wheel allows players to change available paths and strategies while building cities, towns and campsites, allowing them to grow stronger and obtain resources. Players will be able to summon gods, spirits of glorious Warchiefs of the past, and bend their will to demons to obtain favors. By conquering lands from civilized nations and battling them, players fight to gain control of the most land, instead of against each other.

Barbarians Barbarians Barbarians

Zizzi explains that in Barbarians, the greatest Warchief won’t be the one focused solely on war, but the one able to manage all aspects of growing and leading a clan. And, although Tabula Games appears to be keeping many of the game details close to its chest, from the concept art, miniature sculpts, and game-test photos, Barbarians seems like it will be worth the wait. Zizzi and Tabula Games have a great track record of producing fun games. I will be looking forward to the announcement of the Kickstarter kick-off and getting my hands on a copy.

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