10 x 10 Board Game Challenge January Plays

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January is over. It’s now time to check how well I’m doing in my 10×10 Board Game Challenge. I’ve played a lot of games this month. Unfortunately not many off my list.

Avoid the VoidAvoid the Void

2 Plays.

2 plays of Avoid the Void this time around, and both were at the very start of the time. I took the game to a Scouting overnight and taught a group of boys how to play. It was a big hit, but unfortunately that meant that I had to sit a bunch of games out to make room for others!


3 Plays

I’ve actually played Tak a few more times than this, but I’ve only played 3 times with different people. This was part of the challenge I laid out for myself in the beginning. I really don’t see this as being a hard one to get my plays in. I’ve got another Scouting overnight coming up this weekend and Tak is always a popular choices with the boys.


1 Play

I finally got this one to the table with my 9-year-old daughter. We had a blast and are already adding new ships to our wishlist. I was surprised at how easy this one was to learn and how fast we were able to play with only 3 ships.

I’m hoping that this month I can get some more plays in. It’s going to be tough, as most of our weekends are booked pretty solid with overnights and Toy Fair.

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